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Dotty sunrise.

The different shades of the clouds, the patches on the sky and the dots on the water, that calming blue and the smell of the sea with the humming of the ferry we were sitting on… You know the feeling when the least expected, most random scenes stay with you for a very long time? I love capturing moments like that.

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Right before the sun poked its shiny face out from behind the hills. On the left, yes. That was the first reward for getting up a bit after 5am to catch the first ferry to the island of Krk.

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Metallic patterns.

That’s what you get when you start fooling around in the office, looking interesting things. It totally pays off to try to look at your own environment with a fresh eye!

I took two variations of the same view. One was with a much wider aperture, focusing only on a fraction of this… thing, but I decided for this one, taken through a smaller “hole”. I kinda like how almost the whole circle in the middle is in focus, not just a curve of it. (Though it could still pass as a landing sign for aliens… 🙂 )

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The flood got into the Old Deer Park at Richmond too. (Once again, there are no old or young deer in this park. You have been warned.)

I decided to include a bit of foreground too. I hate total symmetry. It freaks me out usually.

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Mirror, mirror…

Thames riverbank at Richmond, right after some sort of a flood that was suspiciously in connection with the flotilla for the jubilee… The price the common people have to pay for some royal fancy pastimes! 🙂

Once again, clouds and sunshine with some water and greenery – you can’t really go wrong.

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White House.

It is proudly standing right next to the Thames, observing the clouds and the water passing buy, facing the sun without any shades. And I just love how “clean” the whole image is. White and blue. Feels like summer. British summer at its best. Seize the opportunity, for it may be gone any moment!

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I’m not being paid for it, but this is good fun! If you have kids between 5-12 years of age, take them. Or take me, I’m happy to go anytime soon! 🙂 You’ll see more photos over the coming days that I took at The Spellbound Forest. This one is just a teaser.

Also if anyone could tell me how come mirrors seem to be spellbound when photographing them, I’d be grateful – the frame is sharp, the reflection is blurry. I get this every time. Why, may I ask? It is a surface on which something reflects. If I focus on the surface I expect a sharp picture. It is killing me.

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