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Dotty sunrise.

The different shades of the clouds, the patches on the sky and the dots on the water, that calming blue and the smell of the sea with the humming of the ferry we were sitting on… You know the feeling when the least expected, most random scenes stay with you for a very long time? I love capturing moments like that.

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Right before the sun poked its shiny face out from behind the hills. On the left, yes. That was the first reward for getting up a bit after 5am to catch the first ferry to the island of Krk.

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It’s a beautiful day.

You know when I mentioned military buildings in the previous post? I thought of stuff like this – collapsing, rotting, being eaten by the salty air, but still standing almost two decades after the Serbian (Yugoslavian if you’d prefer it that way) war. I know it’s not the most cheerful shot I’ve posted, but try to see the contrast of the glorious sunny day and the ruins glowing like gold… Thank you. You won’t get more of these series, I promise.

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Playful deer.

I have no clue how it ended up next to a restaurant on an otherwise practically deserted island with ruins of military establishments and Tito’s name carved into the hillside so that it’s visible from the water already. Yes, we are still in Croatia. And he had no fear.


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On the golden bridge.

I warned you… It was amazing to watch and the boat floated across at the right time too. All the colours nature can produce! I didn’t even need to touch the saturation, really…

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All orange.

It was peaceful and very orange. I love sunsets. Be prepared for more.

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A helping hand.

I was fine, thank you very much. But my camera had difficulties climbing out with me through the narrow “door” without getting bashed, so the helping hand is for my Pentax…

Before I handed it over I looked up (probably for the first time since I started climbing the narrow steps / steep ladder) and decided that it was a moment not to be missed as I just stumbled upon a new viewpoint of Petros with the sun setting behind him over the sea. “Stay! Click. Now you can take it, thanks a lot.” 🙂

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