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Right before the sun poked its shiny face out from behind the hills. On the left, yes. That was the first reward for getting up a bit after 5am to catch the first ferry to the island of Krk.

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Pathway to the sky.

I couldn’t get enough of the sky and its contrast with the green and white colours of the rough coast. And yes, I needed to add a human being to be able to put the whole thing into perspective.

When photographing nature – mostly landscapes – I love incorporating a person or an animal that adds some story and gives us a feel of how magnificent Mother Nature is. To be honest, I quite like the composition too that draws a line from the top left corner to the down right with the love of my life standing not quite in the middle of the whole thing. (Yes, I let him walk forward sneakily and called out to stop him when he was in position. Not the most straightforward way, but who said life was fair?)

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We are so tiny…

When it comes to fighting the elements, we get to feel how small we are.

The lined up so neatly against the blue sky upon the cliffs of Dover. And yes, it was a very windy day as the illustration shows. It painted the sky quite nicely too.

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Coast guard.

Oh, the beautiful white cliffs of Dover with the large ships at their feet! And the lovely National Heritage Park above them…

It was an unusually windy day, rained in London, it seemed to be cloudy over Dover too, but eventually we took home a startling red sunburn. The clouds were worth it. I believe that you can’t really take bad photos by the sea. All that blue and the reflections… Love it!

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Dark clouds and dazzling sunshine, water, some greenery, a few people for the sake of scaling… and a dog. You got to have an animal to make it work, right?

Shot was taken at Richmond, when we were looking for deer… Thank God you already know we’ve found them, so there is no need to worry about the happy ending. 🙂

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I’m starting to think that it is very difficult to take a bad photo at Broomfield Park (which is just around the corner BTW), especially when the sun is setting. Or it might just be that sunsets are so lovely to catch on camera.

Most of the time I can’t get enough of the lights, clouds, shades, textures on the sky. I wish I could paint, but then again, it is so much easier to press down a button.

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